Aqua Med Pools has been installing fiberglass swimming pools throughout Cape Cod and Southeastern MA for over a decade.
Whether you’re looking to transform your backyard into a place to entertain family and friends, create a tranquil private getaway or establish an exercise routine that your friends will envy, Thursday Pools has a variety of in ground pool designs to meet your needs. We crafted our pools based on the way our customers use them most, a style that is uniquely yours. Our experience and commitment to superior quality service has earned us a reputation as The Go To contractor in the areas we serve.

Why Choose Fiberglass Pools?

We have been creating backyard dreams since 2005 and one thing we’ve found over the years is that our customers spend a lot of time researching the options available before they call us. They’ve discovered the three major pool types out there, fiberglass is the one that will give them MOST BEAUTIFUL pool with the LEAST MAINTENANCE. We offer numerous options for water features, landscape lighting, pool cleaners, and all come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Maybe you had a pool before and remember the hours and hours of cleaning and scrubbing, trying to get the water clear, balance the chemicals, the expense of replacing a liner, or resurfacing the pool. Those frustrations (and expenses) are in the past! Take a look at the chart below and compare the costs of maintaining a fiberglass pool over ten years.

10 Year Maintenance Cost Projection

Acid Washing Pool Shell ( Every 3-5 years )--$900
Pool Cleaning Service ( $500 / season )--$5000
Re-plaster / Tile Pool Interior--$10,000
Replace Liner ( Avg. lifespan 5-9 years )-$4,500-
Chemical Usage$1,750$4,000$7,500
Electricity Usage$2,000$3,000$4,000
10 YEAR COST OF OWNERSHIP$3,750$11,500$27,400

Pool Types Comparison

While more expensive at the onset, A look at the comparisons below will show you a fiberglass pool over time is in both the short and long term a better choice.
WarrantyLifetime by manufacturer1-5 years by contractorLiner seams only
Installation Time5-13 days, ready for decking8-12 weeks using many subcontractors2-3 weeks using few subcontractors
Pool Shapes85 models in 36 stylesUnlimitedLimited to models of the manufacturer
Est. Chemical UseSurface does not alter water balance. Substantially fewer chemicals usedPlaster reacts with water to raise pH levels. Uses substantially more acid and chlorine to counterbalance this chemical reactionSurface does not alter chemical balance; fewer chemicals used
Est. Electrical UseCirculate water 4-6 hours/dailyCirculate water 8-10 hours/dailySurface does not alter chemical balance; fewer chemicals used
Surface TextureSmooth, non-abrasive to skin or swimsuits, walking and seating areas textured for slip resistanceRough. Causes skin abrasions to feet, hands and swimwear.Slippery. Easily punctured or torn by toys, pets or surfacing rocks
Algae PenetrationAlgae sweeps off with wall brushAlgaes grows and is harbored in the pores of gunite. Acid baths and scrubbing required to remove algaeSeams of liner harbor algae
Est. Maintenance Time30 minutes maximum per week4-5 hours per week2-3 hours per week
Major RenovationNoneRe-marcite or re-plaster every 5-7 years Replace vinyl liner every 7-9 years or sooner if torn
Stairs/SeatingBuilt into shellOptional at additional costOptional at additional cost
Quality ControlManufactured in environmentally controlled factory under stringent quality control standards.Depends on the contractor. Constructed on site, no quality controlKit manufactured in factory. Installation depends on quality of contractor.
Loan AcceptanceExcellentGoodFair
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